External Asset Manager (EAM)

The independent investment manager of Kingkey Asset Management partnered with many private banks in Asia, with a management policy that puts you first.

Traditional private banking services are appointed by banks to appoint account managers. Account managers who are bank employees are inevitably driven by sales goals. Most of the time is used for cumbersome administrative management. Furthermore, for meeting performance evaluation indicators, violations are often made, not suggestions for the actual benefit of the customer. Instead, the independent investment manager is providing you with an open and transparent management policy that takes you first, rather than investment services for the purpose of increasing transaction commissions.

Three advantages of choosing an independent investment manager:
Economic Efficiency
  • Lower dealing fees involved with crowdfunding concept
  • Capture optimal timing for investments and trades
  • Buy and sell in best execution pricing
  • Client enjoy many benefits of an institutional relationships
Time Efficiency
  • We access and Analyze research reports from all different banks
  • Focused only on investments including technical analysis, market analysis and market news flow
  • Wider investment spectrum
Risk Management
  • We management your wealth as team
  • Effective deployment of Risk monitoring software and systems

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