March 2020 All subsidiaries’ name updates and internal restructuring completed
December 2019 Kingkey Financial International (Holdings) Limited renamed
September 2019 The company underwent equity restructuring and acquired all subsidiaries
June 2018 Created a high-end brand "PRIVATE FAMILY OFFICE"
March 2018 Successfully expanded the insurance brokerage business, obtained the insurance brokerage license, set up a wealth management company
December 2017 Successfully expanded the asset management business, obtained the SFC Class 9 (Asset Management) business license, established an asset management company
January 2017 Successfully expanded the securities brokerage business through a wholly-owned subsidiary, Kingkey Securities Group Limited. (formerly known as "Great Roc Capital Securities Company Limited") for securities business activities
March 2015 The listing of the Shares was transferred from “Growth Enterprise Market” GEM to the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
August 2012 Listed on “Growth Enterprise Market” (GEM) of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange