Kingkey's Private Family Office Service helps customers to establish family office services in two major international financial centers - Hong Kong and Singapore. Kingkey's Private Family Office is served by the subsidiary of Kingkey Financial International (Holdings) Limited that holds a whole Hong Kong financial license, including Kingkey Securities Group Limited, Kingkey Asset Management Limited and Kingkey Privilege Wealth Management Limited. We are dedicated to create the best private family office in Greater China and serve as a world-class family wealth manager. Providing family enterprise with comprehensive wealth management, asset management and family affairs services that can enable their assets to prosper in the long term, meeting family's estimation and expectation and facilitating the smooth inter-generational inheritance, preservation and value enhancement.

Our Philosophy

Family as a kind of glory, a symbol of the future

Kingkey's Private Family Office Service facilitates families to achieve wealth management goals, actualize family governance and inheritance, and protect the family's ideas and dreams in a safe environment without conflicts of interest. Combining the advantages of family trust and family offices, we are committed to exert the inherit function, assisting Chinese and Hong Kong families with high asset values to set up family office structures and assisting their operation management, achieving eternal wealth, and spreading family ideas and spirits.