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23/11/2020 With the gradual control of the domestic epidemic and the tone of China’s monetary policy shifted from loose to neutral and cautious, the “late” default risk in the credit bond market is still in the process of accelerating exposure and spreading to overseas US dollar debt. Therefore, before the Chinese New Year Need to carefully allocate corporate bonds.
16/11/2020 After the US general election, the focus has returned to economic recovery and epidemic data. We predict that the economic trend will first be bitter and then sweet. In terms of investment strategy, we can appropriately start to increase the allocation of risky assets to prepare for the economic warming next year
09/11/2020 Biden was elected President of the United States. We believe that Biden’s current presidency and Republican control of the Senate may be the best for emerging market assets. The election results may suppress U.S. interest rates and weaken the U.S. dollar for a longer period of time, thereby boosting the development of developing countries. Bonds and currencies.
02/11/2020 The U.S. stock market posted its biggest decline since March last Friday. The previously announced performance of technology companies disappointed investors. We are worried that the economic slowdown will further drag down corporate earnings. The US general election is approaching, market volatility has intensified, and gold prices have risen, narrowing the October decline. The overall risk aversion in the market has increased.
27/10/2020 Last week’s worries about the new crown epidemic and lack of fiscal stimulus have weakened investors’ risk appetite. Investors flocked to safe-haven assets such as U.S. Treasury bonds, gold, and the U.S. dollar. U.S. stocks pulled back. It is expected that they will continue to decline in the short term. Prepare for fluctuations
19/10/2020 The U.S. election is approaching, and we will adjust our investment strategies accordingly to mitigate the losses caused by market turmoil. Hong Kong stocks around the 14th Five-Year Plan are among the top investment recommendations. Derivative products that hedge against market declines are also part of the strategy. Customers with low risk tolerance are advised to hold cash to avoid risk exposure.
12/10/2020 With the CNY best quarterly performance against the U.S. dollar in 12 years, the idea of ​​using the renminbi as a safe haven has heated up in recent weeks. The strengthening of the renminbi coincides with the flow of funds to risky assets such as stocks or high-yield bonds, indicating that the background of the strengthening of the renminbi is a relatively benign market environment.
05/10/2020 In the past holiday, the market experienced dramatic volatility. We believe that given that the market is worried that the time for the world to return to a "more normal" state may be delayed, the market will continue to maintain high volatility in the short term. We recommend that you can take full advantage of the volatility Long-term layout.
28/09/2020 The market was extremely unstable before the November holiday. There was a crisis of confidence in the market caused by the negative news of Evergrande, and the US general election became the risk event with the highest hedging cost so far. It is recommended that investors reduce the proportion of risky assets in the near future and increase defensive assets such as high-grade corporate bonds.
21/09/2020 From the five U.S. general elections from 2000 to 2016, we can see that in the special years of 2000 and 2008, U.S. stocks fell sharply during the election month, and rose in the rest of the year. Therefore, our investment before and after the November U.S. election The market must be very cautious.